Glimpse NerdShirtery to come!
Pete asks a question and awkwardness ensues...

November 2022

It's where my various action figures sofa surf when they are bored of looking awesome on display.

August 2022

14 Nerd Shirts, babie!
7 days already!
Nerd Shirts are a big part of how I show my nerdiness!

June 2022

Serious topic this week, but please read--especially if you don't like women and people of color being included in Star Wars and other scifi without a…

May 2022

(Except when it isn't...)
Are you a Star Wars nerd? I sure am!

April 2022

Ok, maybe "exquisite" is overstating it...
This is, a newsletter about My life as a life long nerdy nerd full of nerding nerdiness!.